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  • Apple (Z0VN-MRQN-05-BH) 12" MacBook (2018, Gold)
Apple (Z0VN-MRQN-05-BH) 12
Apple (Z0VN-MRQN-05-BH) 12" MacBook (2018, Gold)


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Apple (Z0VN-MRQN-05-BH) 12" MacBook (2018, Gold)

  • 1.2 GHz Intel Core m3 Dual-Core
  • 16GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 | 256GB SSD
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 615
  • 12 2304 x 1440 IPS Display
  • USB 3.0 Type-C Port
  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) | Bluetooth 4.2
  • Force Touch Trackpad
  • Stereo Speakers | Dual Mics
  • Slim, Compact Design
  • macOS

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